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older news:

25.03.16: The tracks from nul's aad1 - music for lawnmowers can now also be found as track of the moment. We have a new mirror as well.

19.09.15: New impulse responses have arrived.

09.09.15: Oh hey, it's time for our annual update again! xD (sorry, just kidding) This time we were to reveal kc's second solo project called nul. Find an album made for the album a day project here, which had been created in just 23 hours. This album is also mirrored at nul's soundcloud page and at Apart from these great happenings we did some housekeeping around the site to simplify the structure.

09.09.14: Another fix for our downloads arrived, along with minor updates on our links and deathstar pages.

10.04.12: Due to some technical mishap our downloads ceased to work completely for some time. This now is fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Murphy never seems to sleep. Can you spell Nichtfunktionsmaschinen™?

21.06.11: Yes. A real cow. Alive and doing load tests of all sorts. You might have found our new old offline mirror useful, as the future of our main site may have been a bit uncertain. On a side note, we've finally dropped support for realaudio files at the track of the moment. Oh, and have a happy summer solstice! x)

21.12.09: even more news on the music page: notor d has arrived. Vertex therefore only can be caught randomly as track of the moment. Have a happy winter solstice!

19.06.09: a new track is here: trice rife. See the music page. Ark now only is available randomly via the track of the moment (just like all of the old stuff).

04.04.09: We have added a new section: impulse responses. Here you can find a small collection of IRs taken from various locations. You can feed them into convolution reverb effects in order to recreate the rooms they were taken from. More impulses - along with other additions might follow soon..

13.12.08: Yes; we're alive. And yes, this internet now witnessed more than eight years of increased electrobient radiation. The message board is open for registration again. You might want to leave a note, watch the discussion or have a hearty LOL with us about the poor automated drones that constantly want to smear their 'buy this!' messages across it. There are some more things in the works - stay tuned.

26.07.07: Today we have some good and some bad news. The good news first: On 17.07.07 this site had its seventh anniversary on the net. That's about 2555 days of increased electrobience radiation throughout the web. =)
And for the bad news: german tv is going to cancel the last independent music show, which has been running with great success for 5 years now. Read the german news about that by clicking the image below..

Save Newcomer TV

26.04.07: Our site search is back in a new, slightly renovated version, hopefully
easier to use. You don't even need javascript enabled in your browser.

06.04.07: Welcome to some sort of micro relaunch, bringing the site a lot more towards using css. There may be minor problems in IE(6), which hopefully will be fixed during the next days. Instead of waiting, you could just get a proper browser. Navigation may be a little troublesome if you get here via some bookmark or search engine hit. We also have cancelled the use of frames now, hopefully making it easier to let you make use of this site in rather exotic browsers or screen readers. Apart from layout details, there now is a progs section, which will start with some minor synthedit related tools. You can expect some other things to show up there as well, soon.

03.04.07: (&gdr§§j=%j?j4# &€fogk brtain *+t&?#u5u@ 3§+*! dazmagedd. $?"*+#- ahir ragid /&03 ß33 *0345 headquar(/&36klk twrs. )=/§1405+#%2@ pow wer. &§=kjhW"ß# qsO)/2pek(/&§ OU9W'"$%r tired. Oh yeah, and pheulab now runs without nuclear energy or something.

11.03.07: We have a new klangraum track: dawn. Check it out on the klangraum subpage.

04.02.07: small side note: don't trust any site trying to make you download some mp3search.exe or something. We don't know what's inside (and we don't really want to know it). The mp3 files you'll find listed for teasing you to get the exe are the very same files you'll get here on this site - most of the time free 2 minute samples, without any need to install anything extra. Needless to say that the use of our music on those dubious exe sites is not in any way authorized by us. (Probably just like those 10million other files listed there as well) Just so you'd know, as anim8or uses to say. g

12.09.06: It finally has landed! Check out Klangraums first cd-based longplayer: Aut orf oder.

26.08.06: Yesterday, 25.08, there were some problems regarding the availability of this site. They should be fixed by now. We apologize if you had any trouble.

17.07.06: Today, this site has its 6th anniversary being online. Apart from that, behind the scenes there still is some stuff to happen. Which won't take much longer now. We wouldn't have guessed it would be THAT long, nor do we like this fact.. But sometimes it just needs its time. Bear with us, if you like =)

17.01.06: yawn. our message board is back. so is our guest book. let's see how long it will stay this time.. we can not recommend püretec, our webhoster, to anyone. to them you're just a number.. and your money will be gone anyway, regardless if they do something for it or not. There's more to come behind the scenes. Stay tuned...

12.11.05: our message board somehow has decided to not stay with us. did we already mention that our provi.. umm. or something. please bear with us for the next 5-minutes-appearance of our board. thank you.

07.10.05: once again, minor changes on the deathstar page. Good evening, dave.. =)

16.09.05: we are proud to announce that our message board has come back to life again. Feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind. There's a guest bookas well. It will take your comments without the need to register. Have fun!

07.08.05: we fixed some links on our r-vac page.

06.08.05: we have added some (not-so-) new things onto our pics page. note that the main 'new' thing there in the mean time has changed its color from economic-miracle-grey (for which its time seems to be over anyway =( ) to all-time-elegant black.

30.06.05: our message board has been caught by some trans-dimensional displacement and was not seen again since then. We hope to get it back up soon.

03.05.05: fixed some broken links on our r-vac page. we apologize if you had pop-up-terror.

24.04.05: yes, we're alive. sort of. Minor improvements on our message board and the links page. Fixed some broken music links in our track of the moment. Minor preliminary result on our ¢%!?&¶§% web hoster: PÜRETEC SUCKS. We have awarded them the golden sh*t pile the second time in succession now. We just like seeing our wishes turning into tons of blue crap ad leaflets. "Money for nothing", as someone else put it into a song text quite a while ago.. major changes to come.

07.07.04: because of a third party service failure our music was not accessible. This has been fixed. The message board finally is up and running. There's a guest book /inc/d, too. We have added a site search. And we now have older news as well. As the future of this webspace still is quite uncertain, we'd like to bring our mirror (offline, yay!) to your kind attention..

05.04.04: due to heavy conflicts with our [-censored-]!, [-censored-] and, even worse, [-censored-] webspace provider, we were unreachable for almost one month now. So we had to set up a mirror: check this out (not). Because we don't have that much storage space over there, you'll find just a few of the tracks available here. This site also will be more up to date than the mirror (if even reachable..). We apologize for any inconvenience. There'll be a new message board soon..

05.03.04: was taken offline by our kind, accomodating and fair provider and therefore has become unreachable. AAAARGH!! So that's what we've payed for?!

06.01.04: minor additions on the deathstar page. expect some new music soon.. (umm - maybe)

05.12.03: the message board has not been available.

22.10.03: updated the deathstar page once again. Until now, approx. 6000 people have listened to this horrible document of hard disk failure. 1500 have come to hear the related klangraum song.

The message board has been re-opened. Now it features even more possibilities to communicate with ease. Check it out! Added boggy hillocks. kicked frod. See what's happened on our music page.

10.10.03:Our message board is offline. Expect a new one within some days - and some more updates. Stay tuned..

30.07.03:Cervantes on air! You could listen to MC's solo project on Monday, 04.08., from 22h to 23 h on Radio Darmstadt, on the show 'local heroes'. Tune your receiver to 103,4 MHz terrestrial (darmstadt area) or to 102,75 on cable.

17.07.03: today it was the third anniversary of this site being online.

29.05.03: added solaris 4th dimension representative mix. removed mulq. see our music page.

16.05.03: our message board is still functional, but will be modified in the next days. Sorry for any inconvenience. added some images of our new sid synth. Specs can be found on, which is Thorsten Klose's amazing midi diy projects page. See the sid in our pictures section. More infos will follow soon..

07.04.03: added a new project: Da Crossa. it is maintained by MC in cooperation with Slickadoo. A brief description can be found on the about page. Three of their tracks can be previewed here. MC has renamed his solo project Peiler into Cervantes. added solaris. removed tern. check out the track of the moment.

28.01.03: added der berg rockt. kicked rao xobev. added klangraum something. reordered music section. hopefully improved site navigation..

08.12.02: added some pictures. updated links. added klangraum metahl. further minor changes.

11.09.02: added klangraum internal. Sized klangraum deathstar down to a 2 minutes-sample. minor changes.

08.08.02: check out the track of the moment on our music page. It will change constantly.. Kicked sil. Added elektroausschlaggebender faktor. View the more music section. Added klangraum deathstar (platters of terror). This was available in full length for one month now. This song has a lot of history..

17.07.02: today this website had its second anniversary on the net.

02.06.02: pheuron on air! Two of our tracks were played on the 03rd of june from 22h to 23h on Radio Darmstadt. You can receive it on UKW 103,4MHz in the Darmstadt city area or 102,75MHz on cable. The show is called 'local heroes'. Tune in and have fun..

31.05.02: kicked tbrid (v2). added wahlwettbewerb.. see more music.