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We value your privacy. The information you want to share with us will be treated as confidential and not be passed to third parties. We do not use any tracking services.

However, we use cookies, small text files that will be stored during your visit on your computer, in order to provide technical functionality of our forum or other pages. These are session cookies, which are not permanent.

Our server will log your visits, namely your IP address, your browser, operating system and maybe the referrer you used to get here. This is just what any webserver logs by default, probably since the age of inventing the wheel. The data will be erased after one month. We only use this data for safety reasons in case you try something fishy.

If you provide your e-mail address (, which is optional anyway), we take it as consent that we may contact you in response to your post on our contact form. We will never write to you concerning other matters or annoy you with a newsletter without your specific agreement.